Real Ear Measurements

What are Real Ear Measurements?

Real ear measurements are how Dr. Lamb objectively measures and verifies the output of hearing aids. By completing real ear measurements we are able to customize the sound settings not only for each individual’s specific hearing loss but for each ear based on its size, shape, and fit of the hearing aids in the ear canals, and we can do this for all different levels of speech input. 

aurical verification screeen

Can you tell if my hearing aids are programmed correctly?

Yes! Accurate programming is one of the most important factors in hearing well.  By testing the output of your hearing aids while you are wearing them allows us to see if you are able to hear speech sounds appropriately for your hearing loss. Based on years of research we have recommended “targets” or your hearing prescription we use to adjust your hearing aids to (see image to the right). 

If the programming isn’t providing amplification so you can hear speech sounds we can try to adjust your hearing aids to improve this. If adjustments do not allow your hearing aids to meet targets it indicates there may be something physically wrong with your devices, which may need repair.  

I have never had Real Ear Measurements completed before, but I’m hearing well with my hearing aids.

That’s wonderful! I’m glad your audiologist was able to successfully help you hear better with your devices. If you feel you could be hearing better, we suggest customizing and verifying your hearing aid programming with real ear measurements. Small changes in hearing aid programming can make a significant difference in the quality of communication you have with others. 

How do you measure sound in my ear while my hearing aid is in?

A the programming collar is set on your shoulders and the transducer, made up of the microphone box and probe tube, is looped around each ear. The very soft, flexible probe tube is then carefully placed in your ear ca

nal and your hearing aid is placed in your ear to help hold the probe tube in place and so we can measure the output. The speaker box is set in front of you on the desk which will present a speech signal to your hearing aids.

Dr Lamb showing Auricle Real Ear

What do Real Ear Measurements look like? 

Real ear measurement equipment can look different depending on the manufacturer. However, all real ear measurement systems are able to accurately assess hearing aid function and programming for your specific hearing loss and ear canal size/shape. In the picture Dr. Lamb is holding the programming collar in her right hand and her left hand is placed on the speaker box. 

How can I have Real Ear Measurements completed on my hearing aids?

Yes! We can measure the output of any device whether prescription hearing aids or over-the-counter (OTC) devices. Adjustments can be made depending on the manufacturer and if we have the appropriate software to adjust your devices. We recommend having an updated hearing test (audiogram) completed within the last 6 months to ensure accurate prescription & programming of your hearing aids. Call our office TODAY to see if we can help you with your devices.