Wax Removal / Cerumen Management

Cerumen, also known as earwax, is naturally produced by the glands of the ear canal designed to moisturize the skin and protect again dust, debris and other conditions. The ear has it’s own natural cleaning process. However, sometimes we interfere with that process or produce more cerumen than necessary. When cerumen builds up it can cause a blockage, which may result in a pseudo hearing loss.

Cerumen (wax) build up may result in:

  • Earache or Otalgia (pain)
  • Tinnitus (ringing of the ears)
  • Decreased hearing
  • Feeling of ear fullness or pressure

Earwax removal methods to avoid

Cotton swabs, cotton swabs, cotton swabs!

While one of the most common instruments used in an attempt to remove cerumen from the ear, it is one of the least effective methods and often results in impacted the cerumen deeper into the ear canal. Impacted cerumen is often very difficult to remove and requires professional removal.

Removal at your hearing provider’s office

There are three primary methods of removing cerumen (wax) from ear canal.

  1. The use of irrigation, in which typically water is used to flush the ear canal clear. However, certain types of cerumen are resistant to this method and some patients are not medically a candidate for this procedure.
  2. The use of a curette, or an instrument used to gently scrape the cerumen off the ear canal wall. This is a highly effective method of cerumen removal and the method Dr. Lamb uses for her patients.
  3. The use of suction, in which a frazier suction tube connected to a suction machine similar to the one your dentist uses to clear out your mouth of fluids during a dental procedure.

Even with all our our sophisticated cerumen removal methods, sometimes a stubborn, dried up, chunk of wax just will not be easily removed. In this instance, an earwax softening agent may be recommended before removal is attempted again. Call our offices to schedule an appointment with Dr. Lamb regarding your cerumen today! (352) 483-4327