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Patient Testimonials

5 stars: "Jim Cone was very professional and generous with his time in explaining the degree of my hearing loss and how the different models of hearing aids could help. Jim also discussed with me the possible benefits I might gain with hearing aids in reducing the severity of my tinnitus. Mr. Cone insisted that I should leave the clinic with a trail pair of hearing aids to evaluate. Five days later I ordered a new pair of SiGNIA hearing aids. After the 30 day period I was 100 percent satisfied and purchased the hearing aids. Prior to seeing Lake Medical Hearing Center I had tried for 30 days another brand of hearing aids and was unsatisfied and decided not to purchase. The experience of meeting Mr. Cone and the 5 day trial period with the with the Signa I am sure is the only reason I eventually found success." William C., The Villages Office
5 stars: "I was fortunate to read an ad in regards to Lake Medical Hearing Center. I made an appointment and was very pleased with the presentation that Jim Cone gave me. He was very knowledgeable about the hearing aids that Signia had available. I was impressed with his knowledge in the process of hearing as well. I have been wearing hearing aids for approximately 5 years and have dealt with several other companies where the representatives had little facts on how the ears work. I did purchase hearing aids from Mr. Cone and my progress was monitered by him for weeks and now by the month. I am very satisfied with my new hearing aids and with the customer service I am receiving from The Lake Medical Hearing office. Thank you for making my hearing situation much better." Jeanne M., The Villages Office
5 Stars: "I have been using hearing aids since I was in my 40s, I'm now 92, spent over $50 thousand dollars on hearing aids. I have switched companies many times and this is by far the best equipment I've ever had in my ears. The service is sterling, could not be better." Ken W., The Villages Office
5 stars: "I’ve been visiting Lake Medical Hearing Center since 2005. I’ve never received better more caring service from any other business in the health care industry. The staff go out of their way to be helpful and the cost is extremely reasonable. I’ve been to all three locations as my jobs have changed over the years and there’s been a convenient office every area I’ve worked in. I highly recommend you go and meet with these guys before you make a hearing aid purchase. You’ll be glad you did." Gil D., The Villages Office
I highly recommend the Lake Medical Hearing Center in the Villages. Mr. Jim Cone, provided outstanding support in assisting me in selecting the best hearing aids for my needs. He was very patient-oriented and professional in his approach. I was pleasantly surprised how economical my hearing aids were. Thank you so much!