Earplugs and Monitors For Musicians


Earplugs can be found in a wide range of styles, designed for different uses, and in different sizes to ensure an accurate fit. The foam “roll-up” type earplugs are inexpensive and can be found at most convience, grocery, and sporting goods stores. Custom earplugs are made by taking an inpression of your ear(s) and sending them to the ear-mold manufacturer for production. They typically take 2-3 weeks to return at which time Dr. Lamb will teach you how to insert them correctly into your ears.

Musician’s Earplugs

Musician’s earplugs are differentiated by having interchangeable filters to reduce the overall volume (attenuate) the music without sacrificing quality of sound. Non-custom musician’s earplugs, commonly referred to as “high-fidelity”, have become very popular for concert attendees as they can be purchased online and delivered quickly. Custom musician’s earplugs require an impression of your ear(s) and typically have a 2-3 week production time, but you can choose the color, the attenuation level of the filters, and even order multiple filters.

In-ear Monitors for Musicians

In-ear monitors (IEMs) can be found on nearly every stage with an amplified sound system, including: churches, small town band shells, music festivals, professional concerts, and more. IEMs allow the musician to control the music they hear while still providing hearing protection from the overwhelmingly loud amplification system and audience noise. Having custom fitted IEMs provide the best hearing protection since they have a near perfect fit to the ear(s). Univeral fit monitors are also available but do not provide as good of hearing protection as custom IEMs due to sound potentially leaking past the fit.

Electronic Shooter’s Protection

Gunfire peak sound pressure level can range from 132 dB (miniature rifle) to 183 dB (howitzer). At those levels all it takes is ONE SINGLE SHOT to cause Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL). Wearing hearing protection with the use of firearms is essential in protecting your hearing! Electronic shooter’s protection is available in an over-the-ear headphone style (Dr. Lamb’s strong recommendation) and a custom fit style. These devices are electronic due to a very basic level of amplification, providing awareness of your environment, and shut-down to protect your ears when gunfire is detected.