Lake Medical Hearing Center

Dedicated to helping our patients improve their quality of life and interpersonal relationships with their loved ones through custom tailored, comprehensive hearing healthcare.


Lake Medical Hearing Center

Lake Medical Hearing Center is a family owned and operated private hearing healthcare practice. Our audiologist, Dr. Kimberly Lamb is knowledgeable and experienced in hearing aid dispensing, diagnostic testing and rehabilitative services. We specialize in the latest open-fit and digital technology. We also offer assistive listening devices, hearing protection devices, hearing aid accessories and batteries.

Across central Florida, we find that too many people with hearing loss are waiting too long for service that could be better. We want to fix that. At Lake Medical Hearing Center, we not only utilize the latest technology, but we have crafted a unique package of services that go with every hearing aid and every patient we see. Whether you are looking to buy hearing aids for the first time or already wearing them, our service is second to none.

Our family prides itself on providing hearing products of the highest quality and excellent one-on-one customer service. Since 2005, we have been helping people just like you improve their lives through better hearing. For over fifteen years we have helped thousands improve their lives through better hearing. It is our passion.


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Hearing Care

Whether you need a hearing evaluation or hearing aid repairs, our skilled audiologist, Dr. Lamb, is here to help.


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We offer you assistance through your hearing aid journey, including:

  • Hearing Test
  • Hearing Aids
  • Maintenance
  • Affordable Solutions


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Ready to take your hearing health into your own hands? Call our office today to schedule a visit with our audiologist, Dr. Lamb. With a variety of hearing technology available, she’ll find the right fit for you!